16 February, 2011

07 February, 2011

2011 年开市吉日 (Resumption of Work for Year 2011)

工作性质 / Nature of Work 选日 / Proposed Days

金, 土 初六, 初九

Metal and earth Tues-08/02, Fri-11/02

木 , 水 初八, 初十

Wood and Water Thurs-10/02, Sat-12/02

火 初四, 初五

Fire Sun-06/02, Mon-07/02

时间 : 祭拜仪式取时如平时上班时间. 若开工日期不符合以上选的日子, 可先开工 后祭拜, 也可先祭拜后开工.

Time : Prayer begins as usual office hour.

If the day for resumption of work does not fall under the proposed days, office can resume work first and prayer can be done later on the proposed day or vice versa.

供品 : 八粒大吉、 一个红包、 供佛、 菩萨、及各神位.

取八粒大吉围着员工红包(每位员工一份), 放在一个盘上置地主处 (如没有供奉地 主,可放在老板桌上), 祭拜后分发给员工.

Offerings : 8 pieces of mandarin orange and an angpau to be placed at all deities.

8 pieces of mandarin orange surrounding workers’ angpaos (1 angpao each), in separate container, place at “Di Zhu Ye” or on the table of the employer. Angpaos to be given to workers and mandarin oranges to be shared with workers when prayer is completed.